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Allergan Breast Implant Warranty

When it comes to breast augmentation, Dr. Neil J. Zemmel keeps your personal safety and your cosmetic expectations in mind from your initial consultation through your postoperative care. With Allergan’s comprehensive warranty program for Natrelle® implants, that care can be extended well after your recovery is complete. Remember, breast implants are not designed to last a lifetime. If an implant ruptures, it should be replaced as soon as possible with breast revision surgery. Though Natrelle® implants have an extremely low rupture rate, Allergan offers warranty programs designed to give you peace of mind as you enjoy your new figure – as well as financial aid in the rare case of a rupture.

Allergan’s ConfidencePlus® Warranty

For all patients who choose Natrelle® silicone implants for their breast augmentation, the ConfidencePlus® program offers patients many free benefits without any additional enrollment steps. Allergan’s ConfidencePlus® Warranty includes:

  • Automatic coverage for silicone Natrelle® implants
  • 10 years of guaranteed financial support, with up to $3500 of financial assistance
  • Lifetime-guaranteed product replacement due to loss of shell integrity
  • Replacement of contralateral (opposite side) implant
  • Non-cancelable terms
  • Capsular contracture baker III/IV

Allergan’s ConfidencePlus® Premier Warranty

For all patients who choose a Natrelle® saline implant, the standard warranty against rupture applies. This gives lifetime coverage against saline implant rupture with free implant replacement and contralateral implant replacement. For patients who desire extended coverage, the ConfidencePlus® Premier program is available. This warranty is available for an enrollment fee of $200, and you must enroll within 45 days of your procedure. Allergan’s ConfidencePlus® Premier Warranty includes:

  • 10 years of financial assistance for implant rupture or deflation, with $2400 of financial assistance
  • Lifetime-guaranteed product replacement due to loss of shell integrity
  • Non-cancelable terms
  • Must enroll within 45 days of surgery

If you have any questions about breast augmentation, Natrelle® implants, or Allergan’s warranty programs, please contact us today.