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5 Breast Reconstruction Myths

The decision of whether to undergo breast reconstruction after cancer is often very personal and significant. Our plastic surgeon believes everyone should know their options, even if they don’t plan to pursue reconstruction. To provide a better understanding of many misconceptions surrounding breast reconstruction, they’ve highlighted five common myths below, explaining the truth behind each one.

Myth #1: You have to wait to get breast reconstruction until after your mastectomy. Many women can undergo reconstruction during the same surgery as their mastectomy. Known as an “immediate breast reconstruction,” this makes it possible to save natural breast skin, reduce scarring, and avoid a transition period with a flat chest.

Myth #2: If you’ve had radiation to treat breast cancer, you can’t have breast reconstruction. Radiation therapy does not impact a patient’s ability to undergo reconstruction, but it may influence the surgical technique for your reconstruction. In addition, the reconstruction procedure may need to be delayed until after radiation has been completed.

Myth #3: Breast implants are the only option for breast reconstruction. While saline and silicone breast implants can provide beautiful reconstruction results, there are alternative options for those wanting to restore their breast appearance. Our plastic surgeon performs flap reconstruction, tissue expansion, and breast fat transfer for those interested.

Myth #4: Breast implants will make cancer detection difficult. While this is a common concern for breast cancer survivors, there is no evidence proving breast cancer is more difficult to detect in breast reconstruction patients. Screening techniques may need to be altered, however, such as with 3D mammograms or routine MRIs to maximize visibility within the breast.

Myth #5: Reconstructed breasts after mastectomy won’t look natural. While your breasts may not look exactly how they did before a mastectomy, our plastic surgeon is highly experienced at working with patients to create the most natural-looking reconstruction results. By utilizing advanced surgical techniques, he can help you create a breast appearance that makes you feel confident.

For more information about breast reconstruction, please feel free to contact us at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery to schedule a consultation.