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Do you have a tattoo that you regret or just don’t like anymore? Well…you are not alone!!

Over 10 million Americans have gotten tattoos; later more than 50% end up having them removed. Decades ago, the thought was if you got a tattoo, you were stuck with it forever. Now, with modern technology, you can have them removed!

Richmond Aesthetic Surgery proudly offers laser tattoo removal right here in our office. Laser tattoo removal involves high-energy lasers; we use a Medlite Q-Switch laser that directs a powerful beam of colored light at the tattoo. The beam penetrates the ink and breaks it up into small particles. The laser pulsates over the skin and uses heat to break up the tattoo ink, something like a severe sunburn. The number of colors, which colors, the size, and the age of the tattoo all go into consideration for the number of sessions needed. Pricing is dependent on the number of sessions that will be needed. Call our office for a consultation with Emily, our certified Physician Assistant, and she will provide you with a quote.