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Size Really Does Matter…

As many women who have had implants will tell you, this is one of the most important decisions you will make.
What do I hear the most when in a breast augmentation consult?

“I would like to be a C-cup”

While we cannot promise a cup size, we can promise to help you find the right implant to fit your body and your desired shape. The reason for this is first, everyone is built differently to begin with and your final cup size will be partially determined by your preoperative breast size. Secondly, all bras are not created equal so to speak and a “C” cup from one bra manufacturer is not necessarily the same as a “C” cup from another manufacturer.

I find that it is extremely important to listen to Dr. Zemmel and know that his experience and dedication to making you happy are what he will use to guide you through the process of choosing the size to meet your goals. He listens to you and what your desires are, while keeping in mind how you are built to begin with.

He also takes measurements that are extremely important to determining implant size-one of the most important of these measurements is the diameter your natural breast has, and finding an implant that will perfectly match the diameter of your natural breast.

A lot of women I meet are fearful of going “too big.”However, choosing an implant smaller than your natural breast shape will not provide the proper shape following the procedure. Having said that, Dr. Zemmel will not choose an implant too large for your chest that would potentially give you an unnatural appearance, or make you look out of proportion.

Although a desire for a certain cup size is helpful to Dr. Zemmel in guiding you in the selection of the proper implants, it is more helpful to focus on the shape and appearance that you wish to achieve. Our goal and the measure of our success is your happiness.