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What Is Causing My Breakouts?

Many people think that acne will go away once your teenage years have passed.  Unfortunately, not true!  64% of people in their 20’s and 43% in their 30’s still deal with acne.  There are four things that cause it:  high production of oil, pore-clogging dead skin cells, P. acnes bacteria and inflammation.


Can this cause breakouts?

Yes.  Look for words like noncomedogenic or non-acnegenic.

Yes.  You may notice you break out more on one side of your face than the other.  Is it the side you normally hold the phone?  A phone can be a breeding ground for bacteria; clean it regularly.

Trans Fats
Yes.  Most commonly found in processed foods.  They are known to trigger inflammation, which can cause breakouts.

Stomach/Digestive Health
Yes.  Studies have found a link between digestive health and acne.  If you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or frequent upset stomach, you should see a gastroenterologist.  Your skin may clear up too.

Prescription Drugs
Sometimes.  Steroids (like prednisone), some antidepressants, and some ADHD medications list acne as possible side effects.

Maybe.  Research is still inconclusive on most dairy products like cheese and yogurt, but some studies have shown a link between skim milk and blemishes.  It’s thought that skim milk triggers higher levels of growth factor called IGF-1.  Give soy or almond milk a try.


The good news is, there are a variety of treatments available to help manage and prevent breakouts. Please contact our office for more information on how we can help!