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How Do Breasts Change with Age?

A woman’s breasts gradually evolve over time due to factors like gravity, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and the natural aging process. As the reproductive hormone estrogen slowly declines, women may start to see changes in the density and shape of their breasts. The skin and ligaments begin to stretch and become more lax. In addition, the breasts start to lose their firmness and can take on an elongated or flattened look. The start of menopause—typically occurring in a woman’s late 40s or 50s—is an especially common time for changes in breast appearance to become more noticeable. Age also increases a woman’s risk of having growths develop in her breasts, such as cysts or cancer. However, these can occur at any age, which is why it is so important to perform self breast exams to help you detect any growths or other changes that may be concerning.

While most breast changes are a normal part of aging, many women want to reverse the sagging they start to experience and restore depleted volume. To address these concerns, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Neil J. Zemmel, performs cosmetic breast surgeries to enhance and rejuvenate the breasts. A breast lift is especially popular for restoring a perkier and more youthful shape to the breasts. For those wanting to enhance the size of their breasts, as well, breast implants or breast fat transfer can effectively add volume for a fuller breast shape.

To learn more about how you can achieve a younger-looking breast appearance, please contact Richmond Aesthetic Surgery to schedule your consultation with Dr. Zemmel.