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Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

Stayed out past curfew? Enjoyed too many cocktails? Crammed all night to finish a presentation? Who’s going to rat you out? Your eyes!!!

Redness, under eye baggage, dark circles, crow’s feet! Your eyes aren’t the windows to your soul, they’re windows to your secret behaviors and the real age on your driver’s license!

The skin around your eyes can age faster than other parts of the body due to its thin and delicate nature. Seemingly, every expression we make affects your eyes; temporarily creasing the skin, which encourages the wrinkling associated with age and crow’s feet. Fatigue, allergies or irritation can cause dark circles. The obvious ways to address the problems is by getting more sleep, or allergy medications. However, if you are looking for more immediate types of action, Richmond Aesthetic Surgery offers many solutions for your “truth telling” eyes.

Richmond Aesthetic Surgery offers many solutions from surgery or injectables (like Botox and Juvederm) to eye creams and gels. Stop in for a consultation to see which solution would be the best for you!