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Hairy Situations

As we age, our hormones go into a million different directions.  You may notice more “peach fuzz”, stray wiry hairs that came out of nowhere, changes in color or texture of hair that is on your face or body.  There are many over the counter solutions out there.  Richmond Aesthetic Surgery offers two that may be a better benefit for you.  The first is dermaplaning, a procedure in which a certified aesthetician gently removes the top layer of skin—and any excess hair—with a surgical blade.  It is essentially a deep exfoliation and will leave your face fuzz free and radiant.  The other is laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal is great for those stray coarse hairs that either appears alone or in clusters.  Wherever and whatever your need for smooth, hair-free body parts is, we can help you find a solution!  Contact us anytime for a consultation.