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Having a Little Tattoo Regret? Too Much Sun Last Summer? Not to worry…

We are very excited to offer our patients the latest technology in laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, tattoo removal, treatment of pigmented lesion, sun damage and scar revisions!

I think we can all admit to regrets after having a little too much fun in the sun or possibly an “I can do anything!” college tattoo. With the latest advancements in laser technology, these seemingly “permanent” decisions can be diminished and often times eliminated!

For the gals like me who are done routinely shaving and waxing, may I introduce you to my new friend…laser hair removal. A world of difference!! Ladies please inquire about permanently smooth and silky legs, under arms and bikini lines! No gentleman, we can’t help you with your stubborn beards but backs and chests…no problem.

We have all joined in the excitement at the office, so please feel free to give us a call with questions or to schedule an evaluation. We can show you before and after photos and give you realistic expectations on what you can expect.

Richmond Aesthetic Surgery your treatments will always be given by our board certified physician, Dr. Neil J. Zemmel and board certified physician’s assistant Emily Leisy, PA-C.  This is an important factor as results may vary with technicians that are not properly trained to use the technology. We take our education and training seriously to give our patients the safest and best possbile outcome.

If you are like me and would like to more learn more about the technology, please reference online the  Apogee Elite Laser system and The MedLite Laser.

Smooth legs and radiant skin? Bring on the lasers!