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So Long Summer Sweat…Hello Botox?

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner!

Summer is such a beautiful time of year—except all the heat. We can’t make the heat go away—but Richmond Aesthetic Surgery can stop the sweating!

Many people are aware of the uses of Botox for cosmetic facial rejuvenation—but did you know it can also be used to stop the sweat and odor that occurs in the underarms?

By definition Axillary Hyperhydrosis is a condition wherein the body produces, or rather overproduces, sweat in the armpits that is resistant to deodorants.  It is commonly accompanied by a constant odor.

People who suffer from this feel restricted in many aspects of their lives. It can prevent them from wearing certain types of fabrics or styles, or can interfere with their profession. Constant underarm sweating can cause mild to severe forms of anxiety and depression and until recently there was no clear answer in sight. Now there is.

Whether you have diagnosed hyperhydrosis, or mild discomfort from hyper active sweat glands—or you are looking for a way to enjoy these summer months sweat free—now we have a solution.

When Botox is applied to the area of the armpit, it works by blocking the nerve endings that tell your body to produce sweat. You don’t sweat! The odor is then eliminated because the bacteria created by the sweat gland is not released and then trapped in your armpit. This method of treatment lasts for six months in most cases, and some people report it working for longer—even up to ten months! Botox begins working up to 90% after 48 hours, and goes into full effect after a week.

Call us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation, and find out if Botox can help make your time in the sun even more enjoyable this year!