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I Cannot Get Over How Long My Lashes Are!!

Hey ladies, just wanted to tell you all how amazing Latisse is! I started using it a month ago, and even though my results aren’t final, I am so impressed!

They say it takes a full 16 weeks for full results, but, I cannot get over how long my lashes are! The way it was explained to me is that Latisse works because the growth phase of your lashes is extended. So the first change you notice is the length. Then, over time, as more lashes as growing longer and you are not shedding them as quickly as you used to, you start to accumulate more lashes on the lid at a time—thus making them thicker and fuller. Soon you have full thick lashes that seem darker, longer and simply framing the eyes in a natural beautiful way. I have very light blond lashes, and I am sure I will continue to use mascara—but even now as I apply the mascara I notice my lashes brushing the edge of my eyebrows! By elongating the lashes I feel my eyes have so much more definition than ever before, it feels great when patients ask me if I am using it because they can see the difference for themselves! Come down to the office and see these lashes for yourself!