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Interested in a skin care line that actually makes a difference?

NIA 24Working in a plastic surgeons office I understand the need for woman to find a skin care line that prevents aging. This product does it all! It prevents, it repairs and protects your skin from the affects of sun and aging. Richmond Aesthetic Surgery currently offers the full line of Nia24 products which range from gentle cream cleansers, to powerful scrubs to moisturizers—there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to prevent sun damage or trying to correct it, Nia24 really works. The natural powers of niacin strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin tone, texture, and reduce hyper pigmentation (think: sunspots!). It also has a brightening complex to reduce natural imperfections not caused by sun damage. It is not cure all for wrinkles, but a great way to tap into our body’s natural defenses! To visit Nia24 before and after photos click here. Come in today and pick up your free sample!